1830 Simond Ave, Austin, TX 78723


Ok, if you're a big child at heart like I am, this is the  coolest  thing.   The Thinkery is a children's  science museum that shuts down once a month to everyone under 21.  It's  just a big playground for adults, with alcohol included. I've been here for this on two separate occasions, both of which were extremely different from one another.

The first time, the theme was about the five senses. A ticket for a free drink was included with the price, and the rest of the night it was a cash bar. The second time was about brewing and alcohol and stuff. In regards to that, all I can say is that I'm really glad I'm  not the one that drove because I was drunk in about 5 minutes. Most of their interactive exhibits involved free alcohol.

The one about senses had some pretty cool stuff. It included free cookies because taste.  Another really cool thing is when they had you smell 3 differently colored things and asked you if you could identify the smells. In the end, it turned out they all had the same scent, but the aesthetic part really fucks with your head.  My personal favorite part though is that they had an animal shelter  bring some kittens and puppies. You know, appealing to the sense of touch. They can use whatever excuse they want to bring in kittens. I'm all for it!   

My memory of the alcohol themed event is a little fuzzy, for obvious reasons. But I know they had a part about making your own wine, because it was fucking delicious (I'm not much of a beer person)

Thinkery 21