The porch Tardis

Across from EEDS Funeral Home - 408 S Main St, Lockhart, TX 78644

I got the pleasure of watching this thing get built over the course of a month. And then taken apart. And then put back together.  
If you don't know what the Tardis is, this obviously won't appeal to you. It's a nerd thing. Also, please keep in mind this is somebody's private residence, not public property.  Be respectful.

After this, we decided to explore downtown Lockhart since we had driven all the way there.  They had some adorable bakeries and cafes and a watch museum, which was closed.  We talked to a few people, all of whom were quite quirky with pink dreadlocks, piercings, or other "weird" stuff like that. I was later told this is because of all the meth. So hey, if you need to find a dealer, you could probably find that here too.