The Nines

2911 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75226


Although I have never done it before, I've also been intrigued by body suspension.  [Hey, we all need to get our highs in our own ways, and I don't do drugs.] If you're not familiar, it's act of having hooks piercing your skin and quite literally being suspended by your own flesh. One of the  biggest conventions in this country for this community used to take place in Dallas. As far as i know, the convention hasn't been ongoing since that theatre was torn down, but it lives on in this bar on Sundays. You don't have to participate; You can just watch.  And you can bet your sweet ass,  I WILL make it here on a Sunday to witness it. Until then,  I will supply you with pictures from the Suscon I went to. 

Also, bands, DJs, karaoke, drag shows, etc...