The Garden/The Chamber

1174 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201


I was tempted to not put the *** by this one,  because you shouldn't leave without buying anything. There aren't a lot of things I have a lot of knowledge in, but sex toys are most definitely one thing that I do.

SO, the two names.  This is a two-story shop and both levels have a totally different inventory, so I guess you could consider it two different stores, but everything is purchased on the first floor. The first floor is what they refer to as The Garden and it specializes in costuming/outfits. The have a wide selection  of lingerie, boots, shoes, eyelashes, corsets,  stockings and fishnet.


And then there's the basement, or The Chamber, and holy shit, this place is an absolute treasure.   They gave me a little tour when I first walked down, because there are a few different sections. The back half is all BDSM. HUGE variety of bondage gear, paddles with every degrading term you can think of, sounds, e-stim products... Walk forward  a little bit and there's a butt stuff section and a standard vibrator/dildo section. Walk all the way to the front, and there is a PRIDE section with a couple items that aren't necessarily adult items, but still pretty cool. I noticed a few things that you would normally have to get online because I never see them in stores. The selection of sounds for one, breast  massagers, and Goldfather lube (it has gold flecks in it to conduct electricity), just to name a few. But right next to that is the real kicker:

A 50% off table. You can almost hear angelic music coming from this table. I think most of the stuff at the table were toys that got discontinued by the manufacturer because they never really got their big break. 
That does NOT mean its because the toys suck. I snagged a Revel Body Sol, which has become a favorite, and a couple other things. One thing that piqued my interest that I didn't end up getting [Even at half off, it was still pretty pricey] was called Bubble Love. You could set up your own jacuzzi jets  [with customized strengths and patterns] in your own bathtubs, since water is a popular way for women to masturbate. Maybe I just happened to visit at a time when the selection was especially good, but I bought a lot.  Oops. 

The staff was pretty amusing too. Of the two ladies in The Chamber, one was a camgirl and they were discussing if they thought she could make extra income selling videos of her eating. Oh, and the third store owned by the same people, The Joint, is right next door.  It's a headshop. Not my demo, but if the quality is anywhere near as good as the other two stores, It's definitely a place worth checking out.