Terra Toys


2438 W Anderson Lane C1, Austin, TX 78757

Toy store with a cafe, art gallery, and frequent family events

Terra toys is pretty well-known by Austin locals.  This spacious store has a large collection of toys and frequently hosts unique fun events including a popular fairy tea party and various holiday events.  There's a selection of books in the back. One whole section features books from different religions and cultures, showing the inclusion and diversity of the establishment. 


There's also a coffee shop which, in my opinion, might be even more exciting than the store itself.  It has an art gallery in it with an always-changing collection of art from local artists. The diversity continues into this half of the store! Some pieces are just plain cute and others are trippy. There's a sticker machine and all the stickers are also designed by local artists.  A Zoltar machine sits next to the door. The best machine though is a quarter machine full of adorable handcrafted gifts.  Choose between compliments, letter from a stranger, or a "key to a mystery location."  The mystery location is one of the best-kept secrets in Austin, as I've never been able to find any information on it online. The workers will throw you little hints if you ask, but I'm still at a loss. I have no idea if its a hoax or not, but it could sure keep you entertained trying to figure it out.