11601 Domain Dr #100, Austin, TX 78758


This is a nice upscale bar in the Domain.  The Domain is a kind of outdoor mall with a few apartments thrown in.  It does have a bit of a reputation of having more of the hipsters, but slightly more pretentious than most of Austin. If those kind of people bother you, this may not be the place for you.  However, 'Austin pretentious' is much less pretentious than other places.

It doesn't stand out much from the outside. The sign isn't super obvious, so you'll know mostly by the plain bright blue door. The inside is pretty similar. It is dark and dimly lit, but the tables and chairs are the same bright blue.  The lights are hung up by thick rope.  I personally found it to be a pleasing aesthetic, but I have an odd taste. The seats at the bar all have bowls of little fruits like blueberries.  I think they're mostly there to be used for cocktails, but I definitely snacked on some. 

ANYWAYS, the thing that sets it apart from other bars are the jell-o shots.  They are served on spoons and some are topped with poprocks! It's a small difference, but it's a great one!  The prices are a little steep, but just grab a shot and go!