Shaman Modifications

North Location: 9112 Anderson Mill Rd Ste A500, Austin, TX  78729

Downtown Location: 1601 E Cesar Chavez Ste 106, Austin, TX  78702

Website  or  Tattoo Website

The piercings and tattoos you get here are of the highest quality.  Pineapple  [owner] is a champion. But the real takeaway is the it's the only place around (I have a pretty big radius) that does scarification. They do ear repair [from gauging or tearing] too.

At the moment I am writing this, the downtown location does piercings and scarification only. Scarification is done after the store is closed because of the smell of flesh. And because of that, there is a minimum amount you need to spend. I'm thinking it's $150 or $200. Check with Pineapple to be sure.  

The first two pictures are mine, so you can kinda see the quality of the tattoos too, and then there are a couple other of Pineapple's scarifications.