Sensual Massage of Dallas

***EDIT: I got a call back from him the other day. I missed it and he did not leave a voicemail. The following day I received the tail end of an apparently long text (picture at the bottom of this page).  Then I realized his website is gone. FYI, if you have a website, you can see where your traffic is linked from. I have a feeling he's not happy with me. *shrug*

EDIT 2:  I received a text from him some time later telling me he now has an office in Rowlett, TX (about 20 miles outside of Dallas). Did I go? No. BUT my website is here to provide honest opinions and updates, so that you can form your own opinions.

I've had my eye on a masseur in Dallas for a while.  I'm not in the market to find a new one, but this guy, Michael, does light bondage massage (or bondassage, as it is more frequently known). I can't lie; I'm very intrigued and very curious.

Naturally, incorporating bondage adds a whole new element of trust that must be present.  Being a business with a legit website, as opposed to just something I found on CraigsList is a good start. For me personally, I experienced this added level of trust when I saw that he works in a public office space, instead of his own home or at yours. However, when I called him about the service, things started to change:

He said he was switching locations and had been out of the office for 10 days, so right now, as he looked for someplace else all his services must be outcalls, in the client's own home or a hotel... Ouch. So that added element of trust is gone. Also, keep in mind, this would be a daytrip for me, considering I live 3 hours from him, so my own home is out.  Other problem, I don't do hotels.  I find their cleanliness to be questionable at best. I've gotten scabies from a fancy Marriott that I've stayed at for a convention before, so it's not just cheap hotels that bother me.  He started talking about a nearby nice Courtyard hotel that would be good.  I'm not really convinced but he started to tell me about the service.

No prices were listed on his website, because he doesn't charge, just accepts donations.  This is generally a way of differentiating from themselves from escorts.  With no charge, a sexual service isn't being exchanged for money.  Nonetheless, he explained to me that bondage sessions are 3 hours long and they take donations of $350. If I want to add more time, it's $125 for each additional hour. Newsflash: If you have a mandatory donation amount, that's not a donation anymore; that's a charge.   If you add together the cost of my donation, a tip, gas money, and the price of a hotel room, I'm looking at around $500. Interest is waning. 

This brings him to his last argument of why I should still go to see him. "I've been doing this a long time. I'm very good at what I do. You will be overflowing with pleasure."  He goes on to tell me about a session he did last week, and he lost count after 188 orgasms. The most amount of orgasms he's given is when he lost count after 233.  233 orgams in three hours? I'm not buying it. Not only is that barely even physically possible, I've been interacting with men long enough to know that any area they feel the need to "talk themselves up" in, is usually where they are lacking. 9 inch dick = 9 cm. Almost every time, without fail.  And his made up numbers followed a pattern. I'm going to assume both of them ending in repeat/double numbers is more of a pattern created in his own mind than just coincidence.  Especially if your focus is on counting instead of the other person's pleasure.  

​I'm not impressed. I always knew that the people in Dallas are not "my kind" of people. Don't know why I ever doubted it...  I'm going to take a pass on this one.