The Rock Garden

203 S Wood St, Wapakoneta, OH 45895

I used to live by this thing, and not once have I heard someone call it the Temple of Tolerance. We all called it The Rock Garden, but maybe thats because we were young and viewed it as a place to get fucked up and not a "temple" or space of peace and tranquility.  Thirsty Thursdays usually took place here, but I believe Jim had to start trafficking the place more because of that/situations with the police.

He purposely set it up to have multiple sections so a few people/groups could explore at once and not bother each other.  He has a different meaning for every section of it, and he's always happy to give tours and talk about it. It's mostly comprised of rock, but there's a lot of interesting stuff he's added that he's found in junk piles as well. There's a fire pit at the top of the "temple."  Such a great place to explore and relax