Re+Had Furniture

6623 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752


Vintage shop with a blacklight room and classic games/comics

With as popular as vintage shops are in Austin, I'm amazed that this store is still under the radar. I found it on a walk one day, and naturally I had to check it out.

After passing the cute furniture out front, the first things I noticed were old school comic books and a classic Nintendo gaming system. As I moved towards the back of the store, you are invited to walk into a small room lit with black lights and decorated with UV paintings and furniture. Very cool. It opens back up into another small room packed with more furniture and collectibles.

After talking to the lady who was working, she was telling me that on Saturdays they try to move everything and restock, so that there is a constantly changing inventory.  They buy old things and restore/repair them using all recycled materials.