Good news for comedy geeks

A comedian named Steve Hoffstetter has gone viral online for posting videos of him responding to hecklers. Now, he has produced an online comedy club, named The Nowhere Comedy Club. It is extremely experimental right at the moment, but the premise is that you pay $10 to watch a stand up comic perform a set on Zoom (max capacity of 150 people). For $15, you can get access to a meet and greet after the show. Obviously, he will be one of the comics, but he has 3 comic friends that will be doing shows also. The first week has already passed, but the shows will continue April 10-13.

Additionally, Samuel J. Comroe (of America's Got Talent fame) was planning on filming a special this month, until this all blew up. Instead he has decided to release a half hour taping of his similar show on YouTube (that means it's free!) The quality will be lower, but you get what you pay for. It's very thoughtful gesture to help everyone laugh and feel good, which is greatly needed right now. One last thing: The Quibi app just launched and are doing 90-day-free trials. Hopefully, the will last the duration of this quarantine. What is Quibi though? It's a service (an app, to be specific) , similar to Netflix, but has certain aspects to it that let it stand out. It has exclusive shows that are at max 10 minutes long, designed to fit your phone screen perfectly. An amazing idea based around how often people are on their phones nowadays, and let's you fill your downtime if you are waiting in line, for example.

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