Another online comedy club emerges

The Social Distancing Social Club is another online comedy club. Steve Hoffstetter once again hosts this show, along with Ben Gleib (idiottest, Neurotic Gangster) and Chris Bowers (Bob & Tom radio show). The show is FREE all throughout the week (except for Mondays and Thursdays) at 8 PM eastern time and features questions from the audience along with a surprise celebrity guest. If you feel like paying a small fee of $10, you could be one of up to 10 people joining the live show.

Now during quarantine is the time to try something new and have unique experiences. And you never know: this may be the direction comedy ends up staying in! Myself and many other comedy geeks very much prefer our alone time, and being forced to sit at those small tables with strangers and spend $30 on two drinks plus the cost of admission isn't ideal.


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