SPLIFF Film Festival

Dan Savage.

I consider him to be somewhat of a living legend. Even if you don't know him by name, you're almost guaranteed to know of some of his work, projects, terms or rules. So who exactly is he?

He runs a sex and relationship advice column and podcast. His column, Savage Love started back in 1991. His call-in advice podcast [Savage Lovecast] began in 2006. That's right - he's been giving advice for nearly 30 years and has been killing it the entire time! Some of his advice is known and referenced by people have never even heard of the podcast, including his advice on how to cure "death grip," the campsite rule, and the DDD route. The Netflix series 'You' also makes reference to one of his more commonly known concepts, GGG. The podcast has also coined such famous and commonly used terms like 'pegging' and 'santorum.' He also started the It Gets Better project with his husband, which has gained major traction. Barack Obama even submitted a video for the campaign and it has been referenced in a skit by comedian Louis CK. On top of all this, he had his own short-lived show on MTV and has published 7 books. All I'm trying to say is that he's kind of a big deal. You might be wondering why I'm talking about him now when sex is a hard commodity to come by if you're following the rules of social distancing. Well, he also runs a couple touring Film Festivals, which have had to be postponed since the Corona outbreak. The first is called Hump!, which I went to a couple years ago. It's an hour of short pornographic films submitted by fans. More recently though, he created SPLIFF Film Festival. Again, all the videos were submitted by fans, but this time they're short films created by stoners, for stoners. As weed is a drug that helps you be content with being bored, I'm sure many people are indulging right now. Turns out, the made the fest available for streaming on-demand. It has a choose-your-own-price option, with options between $5-$15. Enjoy!

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