Virtual Activities

Many organizations are creating ways to experience them through the internet to help people out during these next few weeks or months (who knows how long, really?!) I've created a collection to try and gather a bunch of fun stuff into one place. Play Cards Against Humanity online: I'm not sure if CAH was always available here or if it got more attention given the circumstances. Either way, it's online now, along with other more traditional games like Chess and Go Fish. Harry Potter Escape Room: Still one of the most popular movie/book franchises, so someone made a game for everyone to play. This one is in a slideshow kind of format... However, before escape rooms became a real physical activity, they existed online. Play Crimson room here.

20 Virtual Field Trips: did an amazing job at gathering virtual museum field trips along with zoos and aquariums that have cameras livestreaming to the internet 24/7 on certain exhibits. On top of that, they give ideas for fun activities to do with your children involving these. Make sure to check on their article on a virtual visit to Disney World also.

15 "Live" Broadway Plays: A couple of these are on Youtube for free. Others you might need a streaming subscription for, but you probably have *at least* one of those, right?

Google Arts and Culture: Virtual Tours of Museums, street views of many popular tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal, or explore historical sites

The YMCA is offering online fitness classes while your gym is closed. The best part: It's free regardless of if you have a membership or not. Make sure to check the website for your current gym too, because are few places are offering this service. Many people who posted classes on Udemy are offering them for free for a while.

Tricycle will be offering a few free online meditation classes with the most known and skillful teachers. Meditation could be just the thing everyone needs right now.

Or if you prefer to find a way to let your creativity out, one of my friends will also periodically be streaming free art classes. Check out her upcoming schedule here.


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