I'm back!

After a year long hiatus, I'm back! One year ago, I was thrown for a loop in life. After working through new careers, navigating without owning a car, and general inconveniences, I think I've figured things out. I'm ready to devote more time into this website again, and I have a couple stories to share on this blog. I'm working on getting this site an actual URL again, and I will return with just as much gusto, if not more, than I had before. I'm excited, and I hope that this time, I can actually get others on board with me.


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Another online comedy club emerges

The Social Distancing Social Club is another online comedy club. Steve Hoffstetter once again hosts this show, along with Ben Gleib (idiottest, Neurotic Gangster) and Chris Bowers (Bob & Tom radio sho

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