Pop Cats convention

Let's get one thing out of the way first: I don't have cats. I don't have *A* cat. But I love them and I seize opportunities to go play with them. I got here pretty early. Late enough that setting everything up was completely finished, but early enough that most people were still at home. And it was perfect. I was surrounded by my kind of people. I heard some guy mumble a little bit about how he shouldn't have agreed to come here, because now he wanted to keep all the kittens and didn't know what to do with himself, but that's about it. No one was trying to make pointless conversation -- It was like cat people prefer to keep interaction with other creatures to a time when its actually appropriate or necessary. The world needs more cat people.

First, I just went around to all the booths looking at exhibitors. Half of it wasn't really anything that would be useful to me because, again, I don't own cat. But yes, food, litter, and lots of cat toys were being sold. I got a lot off coupons that I'll never use. Unfortunate, because there were some good deals! 10 FREE pounds of kitty litter? Yes, please! One of my favorite vendors though, was art from the girl that photoshops cats into pictures of food. Other booths were from some lady who would make yarn out of your cats hair, and one for a board game called Catastrophe (which I did not have the opportunity to talk to them and learn more about, unfortunately).

I ended up buying things from two different booths. Rockaway Gypsea sold me an embossed ring that just says fuck off. Not so much cat related, but I figure it gets a point across. They sold slightly edgy and highly feminist jewelry mostly. Some had cat jokes. The other place i bought from selling magazines that they named Pussweek. It was highly satirical. It's said to be magazine, or litter box reading if you will, written by cats, for cats. It even includes centerfolds. I mostly bought it because the guy trying to sell it to me was cute and Austrailian [Note: Australians are awesome] and making me laugh.

By this time, all the 'mombies' and their children showed up. I was waiting to sit in the "playground" to play with some kittens because only two people are allowed in at once. As I'm in line, I hear one of the moms blatantly and loudly talking about how 'full grown adults' should let the kids play with the kittens. First time in my life I've ever been considered to be full grown. Cool. I wonder over to a booth that is selling a book about a Caticorn (mix between a cat and a unicorn, if you didn't connect those two words yet) and they have catitcorn mascot taking pictures with everyone. Children kept cutting in front of me and finally a guy running the booth asks "Do you want a picture? Yeah, I could tell, but... there are all these kids!" Luckily, he saw the annoyance on my face and had me jump in real quick.

By this time, I knew that the cat rapper, iAmMoshow, would be playing pretty soon, so I went to stand by the stage. A couple minutes before he is supposed to begin, I'm being asked to let the kids stand in front of me because they can't see. But that means their parents have to stand with them too. So by the time he comes on stage. I'm towards the middle of the crowd, and I can't see a thing. I was kind of wanting to do the meet and greet thing afterwards, but I was starting to sense a theme, and I figured it would be pointless to try. The convention was cool, but some aspects weren't. It's like the Cat Cafe to me. Austin is one of the few that I know that doesn't have any rules or age restrictions set. It's unfortunate, but children tend to treat cats like toys instead of living things. It was discouraging that that was the kind of behavior encouraged here, and that anyone else should take a backseat to that. I don't know that I can necessarily fault the con for that; it usually wasn't anyone involved with the convention, just the people attending.

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