Sweet Tooth Hotel

For starters, if you don't know what the Meow Wolf exhibit in New Mexico is, you should watch this video:

Basically, it's an interactive and trippy art experience. You can crawl through a washer and end up in a psychedelic forest. It's something I've been very interested in doing, if I get the time and money to do so. So when I heard they were having a rip-off pop-up exhibit in Dallas for the months of June and July 2018, I was pretty excited. It was called the Sweet Tooth Hotel, and I got a ticket right away. I didn't find anyone to go with me, but that's pretty standard for me at this point, so no big deal. I can handle going solo.

I have to state, first off, that the company who created Meow Wolf " is composed of nearly 200 artists across all disciplines including architecture, sculpture, painting, photography and video production, virtual and augmented reality, music and audio engineering, narrative writing, costuming and performance, and more. Basically everything." I have no idea what the team that created the Sweet Tooth Hotel consisted of. What I do know is: They made sure to pack this little area full of disappointment.

And I get it. Different people are interested in different things and get along with different types of people. This didn't meet either of those criteria for me. I don't keep it a secret that I'm not a fan of Dallas at all. But that mostly stems from my distaste for the people there; The city and the stuff in it, I actually really enjoyed. However, in this case, I can say that I honestly I didn't enjoy either of those much, and you should be glad you didn't waste your time or money. I assure this is one of the rare things where the pictures ARE just as interesting as the experience itself. I'll post my pictures here, so you can see it, and you'll no longer be missing out on anything,

For one, I spent a few extra bucks on the "keyholder" experience. It came with a keychain (they ran out. It's been weeks and I still haven't received it in the mail, as promised), and a key to unlock certain portions of the rooms that other people don't have access to. All of the cases that these keys unlocked were busted open, so everyone had full access. One was a ringpop. One was filled with plush donuts.

The other was a pair of those weird hipster "glasses" that were super "cool" a few years ago where they just have little plastic bars blocking your vision instead of glass. But on the upside, they light up. So that's new, I guess...

Now, the other stuff. I was the only female there not wearing a dress or romper, just to play up how pretentious Dallas can be. But everyone there was a millenial. And while that's not generally the kind of person, I get along with, that's perfectly fine. But as I walk in, I just hear a bunch of chatter about how "this looks a lot bigger on Insta." And I can't really mock those comments too much because... They're not wrong.

There were 4 very tiny rooms, and a small hallway. Now, there are about 10 people allowed in the exhibit at a time, and I'm the only person there by myself. The problem is that everyone is just using this place as background for some group photo shoots. So every room is full with a group taking photos, and if you walked in, you were photobombing them, and they all give you death glares, which makes the exploring part not very fun. You could walk into a refrigerator and end up in a room completely covered with stuffed animals and blacklights and neon stuff. That was pretty cool, but definitely the best part. I don't really have much else to say about it. Look at the pictures.


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