2418 Allen St, Dallas, TX 75204


It boggles my mind that Parliament is so unknown, yet so damn busy at the same time. This tiny little place is located in the Uptown. That being said, I don't believe they have a dress code, but you should probably avoid trashy/bummy clothes out of respect. Or don't; None of my business. BUT if you want a seat, you almost need to get there right when they open. I'm not fucking around about this place being tiny. I even went there 4 years later, thinking it had probably slowed down some since it wasn't new anymore. I didn't even fit in the building; I had to stand out in the patio. 

The important part is what brings all these people to pack themselves in this place like sardines.  While the drinks can be a little pricey, they are definitely one of a kind.  I stole pictures of the menu that people posted on Yelp and posted them below to give you an idea. To save you a little time, they have drinks with deer antlers (that one's a $29 price tag. ouch), mace, spray paint (they place stencils over the top of the glass and spray paint a design in the top of your drink), and they make absinthe frappes. Sometimes they make quite the production of making the drinks too: Blowtorches, balancing acts, etc.

Two of my absolute favorites were the dragonfly and their espresso martini. I've seen eggs in cocktails before, but the Dragonfly is the first I've seen to pepper the egg (we all already know those two go hand in hand). All of their drinks with egg were pretty good, actually. If it's raining outside, it activates their Happy Hour, and a select 11 of their cocktails are half hour.  The most popular of that group seems to be the ramos gin fizz, and hey, you don't have to worry about them not filling your cup.