Painting With A Twist

Multiple locations in and around Austin


We went to the North Austin location on Burnet Road for a company Christmas event. Before I went to find the website to post here, I had no idea this was such a big thing. Like these are literally everywhere. Do people know about this and I'm just dense?

Anyways, the point is to teach people how to paint a specific picture, and how to do it well, so then you have your own special little artpiece that's even more special because YOU made it.  We were painting a Christmas Scene with snowmen and Christmas trees. Our instructor was pretty humorous, but she kept saying things like, "It's your painting. You can do what you want with it. If you get bored halfway through and want to paint a cat instead, that's fine. It's your painting; you can do what you want with it!"  So keep in mind that not only am I not artistically inclined at all, but I also have a dangerously low attention span. So everyone else's paintings looked good and they were all impressed with themselves because they weren't too sure they would do well. I, on the other hand, got bored halfway through and decided to pay homage to the place where I get a lot of alcohol. (I'm aware I have issues. You don't need to tell me that) A picture of my finished product is below. 

A couple of my coworkers enjoyed it so much they went back for a 'paint your pets' night. This was a little different. they made it sound like a instructor kind of drew up a sketch for you.  I imagine a paint-by-numbers kind of situation. Without the numbers.