The Living Room

3830 N Dixie Dr, Dayton, OH 45414


I'll cut to the chase.  It's a strip club. It's a cheap cover, for ladies at least, and given the crowd that is generally at these places, I've never bought a drink here, so I'm unsure of those prices. Not a nice area of town, but not particularly trashy.  Nothing out of the usual. Some girl could crush cans by doing splits on them, others worked the pole like a boss, the staff is super friendly; a couple of 'em encouraged me to get a job there because 'guys like girls who look young.' They even kick people out in the politest of ways and buy them a ride home [Note: not me]

But onto the important part: They have male dancers in the back on Saturday nights!  Guys, don't worry. They can't leave the back without having a sleeved shirt on. I actually brought a male coworker there one evening and after some convincing, he came to the back and loved it! Took videos of them carrying me up to stage and getting all up on me to show everyone at work. The entertainment value of male strippers is most definitely in the shock value.