Unicorn Botanicals

(formerly K Botanicals)

212 W Main St, Round Rock, TX 78664


Store selling herbal remedies (...that some people use to get high)

This is your ultimate source for Kratom, while it's still legal anyways. It's a family run  business of nice people who do charity work in the mornings. Unlike Planet K and other head shops, they sell it by the actual names of the strands, so you can actually use what you know about red, green, yellow, etc. and the different species as opposed to trying to figure out what the hell "stardust" even means. I personally find kratom most beneficial as a painkiller, which is a completely legitimate market, but being advertised as a drug or a way to get high is not allowed. However, the workers have figured out the wording and ways of describing things to tell you exactly what you need to know, while still falling within legal boundaries.   Prices are extremely reasonable, and they will measure it out and bag it right in front of you. Shipping is also available.

Although they are known for their kratom and it's what most people stop in for, they sell other botanicals like kava and CBD also.