Rural town near Austin with hippo statues at every turn

Hutto is a town in the greater Austin area.  A century ago, a circus train stopped in town and a hippo escaped. Inspired by this story, the made the hippo their town mascot. And because they're the only place in the US with that mascot, they are SUPER proud of it. Now they have over 300 hippo statues, and they're in front of most of the businesses. The chamber of commerce sells them so you can place one in your yard too. People have fun with it; they're painted and themed.  The fire station hippo is painted with a dalmatian pattern. One volunteer group awards a big golden one as a trophy for the subdivision with the most volunteers. There's also a  pretty rad little candy shop with a bunch of other cool stuff, including home decor, party favors, and interesting sodas.

A gallery of just a few of the hippos is below along with a video of one of the little extras I picked up from Candy Corner.