Gaming Bars

Pinballz - The easiest way to describe this is like a Dave n Buster's with way more pinball machines. It  also differs because these are very well  known in Austin and perfect for if you want to give a friend from out of town a very uniquely "Austin" experience. There are three locations, each with their own unique styles and strengths.  There is one in Buda with a dragon guarding the entrance, complete with steam works and everything. It also has laser tag and a bigger outdoor area for live music. The more central Austin location is the  original. While they don't have a bar, it's BYOB and they kick everyone below 21 out after 10 PM. It's the best place to go to watch the DDR gods late at night.  The North Austin/Round Rock  location is the newest, nicest and largest with their own full bar, 7D theatre, mini-bowling, and laser tag.

Emerald Tavern - This one is like a board game library. For the price of only one drink or food item, you can have a seat at their tables and help yourself to any of the large collection of board games they have available.

Vigilante - This is like a new and improved version of Emerald Tavern.  Almost everyone agrees that the food is better and you can rent out your own private rooms. They occasionally feature "Puzzled Pint" nights,  where you compete with a group against others to solve puzzles, that aren't otherwise featured at the bar. The puzzles change every time... There is a $5 cover charge, and everyone below 18 years old is prohibited after 10 PM.

Outlaw Moon Games - Ok, this one isn't exactly a bar, but it's right next to a kava bar and there's a table for a small group to play in store. There used to be a discount comic book store next door, but that has shut down.