Gallery Lucid

2004 Alta Vista Ave, Austin, TX 78704


Trippy art gallery that offers the lucid light experience, infrared sauna, and massage

When Erik opened shop, he used to walk over to Fuzzy's Taco Shop (my 7 am bar. I work third shift) and give people a bunch of free samples. Maybe if you tactfully ask him about it, he still will.

The first time I went it, I was very impressed by all the art.  The pictures that Erik did personally, were my favorites.  You know those pictures that you put your nose right up to, and when you pull away, a portion of the picture kinda turns 3D? That's what this art reminds me of.  It's kinda trippy, which fits right in with the Lucid Light experience.

So, the first time, I just got the free sample. But I guess, I should explain what it is first.  From the outside perspective, watching someone else experience it, it appears to be just a  person sitting in a chair with a simple white light flashing at their face (eyes closed, obviously).  Sounds pretty boring, but the light is specially designed to work your central brain and pineal gland. While the light has no color, you will see all kinds of patterns and designs inside your own head.  It takes you to higher places that you would normally only be able to reach through years and years of practiced meditation. 

The samples:  There are 3 different intensities and speeds of the flashing light. He will set each one for a minutes each. The first one was very slow, and just appeared to be a couple of bursts of green. Simple.  The second  seemed about right for me.  Think of when you were younger and would lie down facing the sun, close your eyes, and proceed to push on your eyeballs?  (I can't be the only one)  It looked kind of like that. The third one was too intense and almost gave me an anxiety attack. *Shrug* Different stroke for different folks... The experience wasn't long enough to leave me with any lasting relaxation or mental/emotional effects, but I only experienced 1/60th of a session, soooo that seems fair. 

As my friend was going through this, Erik talked to me about cryptocurrency, vaccines, and NASA. These are common "tin foil hat" theories and themes among spiritual people and fans of the human energy systems.  I don't submit to them, but he was interesting to talk to managed to more throughly and convincingly explain them than most other people I've heard talk about it.

He has since added massage, which he has evidently been doing for quite a long time.  Google and Facebook show him having nothing but 5 star reviews, most of them mentioning his massage technique.  He has also added a 'Zero-EMF  far infrared sauna.'  I'm not even going to try to pretend I know what that means, but from what I'm gathering, it claims to heat you from the inside instead of the outside. Interesting. 

Honestly, I'm pretty impressed with how much cool and unique stuff he has fit into this space. Definitely worth checking out.  It'll be hard to find this stuff anywhere else!

Oh, and and definitely check out his website. It has videos and will be able to explain things (particularly the sauna) much better than I can.