Forever Bikes

74 Trinity St, Austin, TX 78701

This one is a little newer, not built until 2017. The maker is from Beijing, where bicycles are the main form of transportation.  He had always really wanted a bicycle, so I guess this is his way of making up for all the years he went without. There are 1,300 identical bikes formed into an archway. In person, it fucks with your head a little bit. Like, you can't tell if your eye sight is going crazy and you're seeing in double (1300?) vision or what's going on.  But in a good way. You aren't going to see many things like this.

In, the video, I say that there's no parking. That's not entirely true. There's no free parking, but there is an abundance of parking garages around.  I'm just poor and don't like to pay for parking. I'd rather walk a mile than have to pay.