Drive-through Daiquiris

To my knowledge, there  was only one of these (Daiquiris To Go) when I was in Dallas, so I could only review that one, but it appears these have become quite the trend here. Fortunate, because Daiquiris To Go was a total pain in the ass to get to, needing to trek through all of Dallas' permanent construction. So, I have compiled a list for you to find your own personal favorite.

  1. Beer To Go Drive Thru - Fitzhugh Ave, Dallas

​​Served by hot costumed "beer barn girls," if that's your thing.​​

2. Cafe Daiquiri - Duncanville, TX

3. Daiquiris To Go - (their facebook) -  Riverfront Blvd, Dallas

4. Daiquiri Shoppe, The - Grand Prairie, TX & Carollton, TX

5. Eskimo Hut (Various Locations in Arlington, Denton, and Ft. Worth) 

6. MoJeaux Daiquiris To Go - Grand Prairie 

7. Phat Tuesday Daiquiri Shop - DeSoto, TX

Mardi gras themed complete with jell-o shots and alcoholic fruit

8. Tiki Shack Daiquiriz & Tacos To Go - Granbury, TX

9. Wingbucket - Main St., Dallas