Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

248 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215


Can I just say: I have NEVER seen SO MANY people go absolutely apeshit over one restaurant ever? Especially a restaurant that specializes in one specific food item. Like, my friends of all different friend groups, social classes, economic status, ways of life, etc. People fucking love this place. Every time someone has asked if I wanted to go, I've turned them down because I'm not into hotdogs. "But they have veggie dogs tooooo!" says everyone ever. 

Maybe I should've given it a chance because I still hear people talk about it all the time, even after moving halfway across the country. Soooo yes, all their dogs have the option of being either beef or veggie, so vegetarians fear not! The sandwich options looks creative and unique and probably delicious, if you're into that. For example, bacon-wrapped options have their own mini-menu, and I bet if you wanted, you could convince them to wrap any dog in bacon.  They have options with tzatziki and olives, sriracha, cream cheese, vegetarian (or regular) bacon bits; You name it.  And admittedly, one thing I overlooked that probably would've had me sold:  a cocktail of peanut-infused vodka mixed with grape soda. Adorable. So to answer that question, yes, they sell alcohol too. 

Oh, and on their site they use phrasing and slogans like "Stuffing Wieners In Faces Since 2009!" and "Ask me about my weiner."  It would just be foolish if they missed such an easy opportunity to make those jokes.