Cosmic Cafe

2912 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219


I absolutely adore this restaurant.  At the time when I could actually go here more frequently, I wasn't even aware that it was also a meditation and yoga studio with those things on site, nor was I into that at the time. (You can check their website, if interested, for their schedule relating to all that)  As a warning, this restaurant IS vegetarian, but I have taken a large amount of people here who were not and they have all enjoyed it. The person who told me about it also informed me that they walk there from work during their lunches, and they had "regular" unrestrictive diets as well. 

The food is indian cuisine, which will be quite obvious as soon as you see the place.  The exterior of it and the decor is all prominently inspired by the culture, but it's quirky and catches the eye in a pleasing way. Hands down, the worst part of this place is the parking.  I advise parking nearby and walking.  I, myself, always walked a mile from my home. The two times I didn't, let's just say there was some kind of parking situation where I had to go out, and everyone moved their cars as a group effort to get someone else out and on their way. 

Another fun fact: Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson frequented this place and have cast the owner in 4 of their movies.