333 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215


Ok,ok, this one is pretty easy to find by searching for tourist attractions in Columbus, but it deserves even more attention than it gets. Maybe I'm biased because we used to have sleepovers here when I was in girlscouts, but I feel  like I can honestly say this is one of the best childrens' science museums in this country. How many of the other ones let you ride a bike across a tightrope?

For the adults, there is a planetarium, motion stimulator, IMAX  theater, and even COSI After Dark for the 21+ crew once a month. And that's just if you can't find your way back to your own child-like wonder and fun-loving ways, because the rest is still enjoyable for adults as well. They have traveling [pop-up] exhibits too. Last time I went, it was an amphibian and reptile exhibit, which was pretty bitchin'.

What other cool stuff is there? Let's see... There's a bubble land including a contraption that forms bubbles around you. A news station that makes videos of you as a newscaster. A whole beach-themed area with all kinds of interactive water and sand activities. A bridge that goes through a spinning tunnel of stars that really  throws off your balance. Archeology digs.  Realistic submarine recreations. Puzzles. 

Seriously. Check it out.