Chococlate Secrets

3926 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219​


This is one of the places I always wanted to try when I lived in Dallas, but regretfully never found the time.  After all, chocolate isn't exactly a meal, but they're open every day, and Wednesday-Saturday even stays open pretty late, compared to most desert-only establishments.

Oak Lawn is a pleasant and convenient neighborhood, and who doesn't love chocolate, seriously?  Obviously, that is this shops main focus (organic chocolate, btw). You can get chocolate coffees, cakes,  ice cream, pies, truffles, bars, you name it. The also have chocolate covered fruits and nuts and you can get tea and macarons. Ironically, they don't sell brownies. However, they have chocolate figurines, mostly in the shape of sports balls (yes, even golf), and you might even be able to get them customized. The real kickers, is the you can an entire chess board/game with all the pieces made of chocolate. How cool is that?  At that point, it does get pretty pricey, but where else can you find that?  And on top of all that, they serve champagne or beer floats.

They also have different events including musicians,  Wine Wednesdays (with discounts on wine!) and classes teaching you to speak french.