Badass Mystic

7703 North Lamar Suite 245, Austin, TX 78752


Combination of reiki and tarot with a variety of other services available

Before reading anything else, a combination of reiki and tarot cards just sounds... badass!  Although this is the most popular service, she has others too including how to heal via what you eat: What to avoid eating and foods that will benefit you. Who doesn't want to solve all their problems just by eating?

Other services available are: Past life regression, karmic healing, DNA activation or divine love activation. If you're not sure what any of that means, don't worry. Neither do I.

I have looked at her site thoroughly. This is kind of a niche thing, but as far as this niche goes, I would find her to be among the most credible. Maybe it's my own bias mixed with her experiences with Buddhism. Maybe it's her casual style of speaking or her thorough explanation of her procedures and what to expect.  I appreciate her explanation of the tarot cards as a method to look inward as opposed to magic cards that know your future.