Austin Skyspace - The color inside

Student Activities Center, 2201 Speedway, Austin, TX 78712


This is something I'd wanted to do for a long time, ever since I had heard about the one in Houston. I was pretty enthralled when I found out there was one here in Austin.  If you're a lover of pretty lights and light shows like I (and like many other people are, if the reactions to America's Got Talent are anything to go by), this would probably something you're into too.

So first of all, I'll start off by saying that is is one the UT Campus. Parking isn't likely. Take a bus or a Lyft. The show is free anyways. We took a Lyft, and as we talked to the driver, he was telling us about the Austin Building in the Blanton Museum of Art (it's another play on lights. Rainbows and stained glass windows). Maybe I'll have to go check it out for you guys eventually.

To find it, you actually have to go IN to the Student Activity Center and take the stairs or elevator up to the third floor.  After that, everything else is easy: finding it, check in, etc.  If you would like to lie on the floor, blankets are available. 

The shows begins once it starts to get dark out, and lasts about an hour.  I do think its important to say that cameras and video of it do not do it justice. But the part that gets me:  I had read about it having colors that aren't normally seen by the human eyes, but wasn't sure about the amount of truth in that.  But after seeing it in person, there were definitely some colors that i couldn't name. The transparent middle part is pretty trippy.  It's like a constant optical illusion where you can see birds and planes more clearly than you normally would be able to in a dark night sky, and you can't tell if there are lights changing the color of it, or if thats what appears to be happening because of the lights around it. 

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