Rundberg Running Man

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Corner of Rundberg & N Lamar

Local man improving the neighborhood through the power of positivity

There have been a couple articles written about this guy. He's North Austin's hype man and is pretty well known in his neighborhood, if not all of Austin. The tl;dr of it is that he stands on a notoriously crime-ridden corner and tries to improve the neighborhood through the power of positivity. He is on this corner every single day performing in front of the Sonic  He raps, talks about issues such as obesity or technology addiction, or just runs around trying to pump people up. He's truly inspirational, and we need more people like him. In his own words he is like the "ghetto Statue of Liberty. I'm not sure of the exact hours he tries to be there, but I personally see him everyday around 6 PM.

"Everybody is a product of their environment. I changed my environment... I said 'move out the way! Imma make a different environment.'"