Amazon Book Store

11700 Rock Rose Ave, Austin, TX 78758

I personally am a huge fan of being able to download my books, but for many, manyyy people this isn't the case. If you're one of those people, this store is for you! You get all of the benefits of shopping online, but in a physical brick-and-mortar  store. I went shortly after it opened, so the workers were all new and a little shy, but friendly nonetheless.

All the books are facing outward, so you can see all the cover artwork right away. They also have flashcards beneath them with chosen reviews, so you can see what others thought. Obviously, the selection of reviews the give you won't show the downsides of what people thought, so you have to be a little wary, but it also has suggestions of what other books you might like based upon peoples' buying history online. Super cool... Also, the books have a 4 star rating or above on Amazon and if you are an Amazon Prime  member, you can buy the books for the same price.

Obviously, the selection won't be as big as if you were shopping online or in other book stores, but since it is all the highly rated  stuff, you have to choose, if you like the selections narrowed down for you like that or not. Obviously, having all the junk filtered out for you is nice, but it could also be detrimental at the same time.  There are a couple subsections of the store that include e-readers and a children's area, so that's nice too.