My mission:

I grew up in a cornfield. The smell of cow manure was so strong I had dreams about taking showers and getting clean.

Everyone else was so busy drinking my county was named the #1 underage drinking county in Ohio. There was nothing else to do! My best friend and I opted to escape, drive a few hours away until we got to a big city. And we'd just walk around. Discover. People watch.

We soon realized the best things about cities were so much harder to find than they should be because they’re not advertised as openly! It seems you either have to randomly walk by or talk to and hang out with some locals. Roadside America became our best friend!


I want to kick it up a notch. I want to post some of the best things about cities that definitely aren’t found on Trip Advisor, but are more inclusive than Roadside America. Things that aren’t necessarily so… roadside. Places you can actually spend a bit more time at, or that you need a little bit of money to experience/attend, or things you have to be 18 or 21+ to experience.

I want this to be a community.  The site won't be complete without other people contributing. Once it expands, you could use it to find things to do in your own town or to just do something different on your next vacation. So please send me whatever it is you have to offer. This could be reviews/pictures/video of attractions I already have posted, ideas you would like a review of before you go OR an idea with a review, areas of interest or events in your own city, feedback, suggestions, whatever.  Everything will be reviewed and taken into consideration. 


Here is an interesting article I've found with the same purpose and about how you can find some things on your own!


The 6 Best Ways To Find Hidden Travel  Gems No Matter Where You Go